Situated in the heart of Metro Manila. Our goal is to provide you more than just a bath house experience, but a party place for everyone! Hence, we are the country’s premiere gay hub.

マニラの中心で. 私たちの目標は偉大な人々を1つの素晴らしい場所に連れてくることです. だから私たちは国が同性愛者ハブプレミアムです.

位于马尼拉市中心. 我们的目标是把伟人带到一个伟大的地方! 因此,我们位于该国的同性恋高级枢纽.

마닐라의 중심에 앉아 있다. 우리 목표는 위대한 사람들을 하나의 멋진 장소에 데려오는 것이다! 그래서 우리는 그 나라의 프리미엄인 게이 중심국에 있어.

Situado en el corazón de Manila, nuestro objetivo es traer a gran gente en un gran lugar! Por lo tanto, estamos en el centro Gay premium del país.

F Club, formerly known as Fahrenheit Cafe is the country’s first gay membership bathhouse with entertainment bar, established in 2003. It is also the country’s premiere men’s sauna with world class amenities, facilities and services for all members. It operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, no matter what you’re up to, or how your night is going, we are your destination.
A two story building with 30 private rooms, a jacuzzi, sauna and steam room, cruise areas, large cinema room, and a fully serviced restaurant with a 300 guest capacity entertainment lounge where everyone can party and watch world class shows. 
We also provide massage services and valet assistance for a quick access to the club. Guests may choose a selection of membership type depending on their visit frequency and avail various promo suitable to every lifestyle and preference. 
You want to know more? Feel free to navigate this site and avail our exciting offerings! Only here at the country’s premiere gay hub… F Club.