A two story building with 30 private rooms, a jacuzzi, sauna and steam room, cruise areas, large cinema room, and a fully serviced restaurant with a 300 guest capacity entertainment lounge where everyone can party and watch world class shows.

We also provide massage services and valet assistance for a quick access to the club. Guests may choose a selection of membership type depending on their visit frequency and avail various promo suitable to every lifestyle and preference.

      Our facilities include:

  • Baggage Counter
  • Safety Deposit Box
  • Souvenir Shop
  • Bar
  • Videoke and Entertainment Lounge
  • Clubbing Area
  • Audio Visual Room
  • Locker and Vanity Area
  • Group Shower
  • Individual Shower Cubicles
  • Gym
  • Japanese Shower Sitting Cubicles
  • Steam Room
  • Retro Jacuzzi
  • Japanese Cubicles with Bed
  • Urinals and Toilet
  • Fire Exits