2019 - Avelon Udas JR

2018 - Kurt Kristier Reyes

2017 - Arnel Cruz

2016 - Ivan Jarrold Ganan

2015 - Kenneth Balboa

2014 - Kenneth Chester Dayupay

2013 - Dylan De Leon

2012 - Chester Narvaez

2011 - Ryan Rodrigo

2010 - Francito Panlaqui

Francito Panlaqui is from Meycauayan, Bulacan and currently working at Microsoft as a consultant.

In 2007, Panlaqui made his first appearance in the Fahrenheit stage when he joined Mr. Fahrenheit; he only landed to the semifinals.

During his pageant year, Panlaqui was proclaimed 1st Runner Up in the 5th edition of FLOTY.

However, Panlaqui assumed the title after the actual winner was unable to continue the reign due to personal reasons, few months after the crowning.

Although, Panlaqui didn’t have his own music video during his reign, Wilbert decided to keep his title.

2009 - Erimar Ortigas

2008 - Niño Ocampo

2007 - Allan Timba

2006 - Stephen Dale Paragas