Wilbert Tolentino, along with his friends Genesis Gallios and Ryan Soto, created an idea to establish a one-stop entertainment hub exclusively for gay men and bisexuals.

So Wilbert decided to put up an exclusive bath house with fitness and entertainment lounge. Hence, they founded Fahrenheit Cafe & Fitness Center on March 23, 2003. They found this tiny place along New Manila in Quezon City.

Naming the place was a little bit tricky. There were so many name suggestions presented, from ‘Manhole’ to ‘Bat Cave’, but it ended to ‘Fahrenheit’. Wilbert’s favorite scent from Dior. 

Fahrenheit became a household name in gay men entertainment for generations. Wilbert made sure that the club offer’s a dynamic and relevant shows to cater the ever changing appetite of its members. 

Fahrenheit founded its signature pageants for non-trans aspirants, such as: Mr. Fahrenheit, Miss F Universe, Miss Earth Fahrenheit and Fahrenheit Look Of The Year. 

Fahrenheit keeps evolving in many years, so as its name from ‘Fahrenheit’ to ‘F Club’.  In 2016, F Club officially send Filipino candidates for Mr. Gay World.

In 2019, F Club opened its door to the Bear and Chub community.



  • To be the country’s best gay hub.
  • To be one of the major contributors of the Philippine Gay Market.
  • To be the reliable network of different gay establishments in the country and throughout the world.
  • To be the place of good quality entertainment, amenities & services.
  • To be the safest place anyone’s personality can be expressed, and anyone’s point of view will be heard.
  • To be the venue of dreams, opportunities, happiness & satisfaction.
  • To be the precursor of the latest gay news, events & happenings.
  • To be every member’s legacy.