2019 - Yoniel Acebuche

2018 - Aaron James Martinez

2017 - Ralph Lawrence Mago

2016 - Vergel Jimenez

2015 - Patrick Isorena

2014 - Eumir Cortes

2013 - Vicente Fernandez

2012 - John Carlo Cruz

2011 - Niccolo Peñafiel

2010 - Eric Del Rosario

2009 - Jake Armocilla

2008 - Prince Louis Stanislao

2007 - Angelo Camaya

2006 - Greg Marzan

2005 - Marky Fausto

Fausto was discovered in a local pageant in Pasay City. and was asked to join 2004 Miss F pageant. He competed against that year’s winner, CJ Angeles.

Although Fausto didn’t win, he made his second attempt and won a year after. He bagged numerous awards.

Fausto always came well prepared. Due to the fact that he came from a notable pageant circuit in his community. He was the first outsider who won in any Fahrenheit pageants. Fausto won a round trip ticket to Singapore.

Before, there was a strict rule that all reigning titleholders are not allowed to join in any other pageants that would compromise the brand of their titles. Fausto managed to sneaked in, to compete other pageants during his reign.

His music video was taken in a deserted area of Tarlac. It was a two day shoot. Unfortunately the second day’s video footage was corrupted. Fausto was asked to wear a traditional Ethiopian ensemble, a country he represented when he won, and lip synched the tune of, Vanessa Amorosi’s, Absolutely Everybody.

When his video was posted, for the first time on Youtube. There were mixed reaction especially from the Ethiopian netizens.

When pageant producer in Ethiopia saw the video, the organizer hired the  video editor, to provide them the editing services, needed for The Miss Tourism of the Millennium 2007, which was held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Fausto, a Pasay resident, is now working as a travel counselor.

He was the first luminary to lip synched in an official music video.

2004 - CJ Angeles

After joining 2003 Miss Earth Fahrenheit, Angeles was immediately asked to compete for Miss F Universe of 2004.

A San Beda graduate; Angeles was sassy-vivacious person with stunning looks and spunky personality. Angeles captured the eyes of the judges and proclaimed him as the second Miss F Universe aside from bagging Lady Look Award.

He is remembered by reading his opening spiel written in his held mask, during the National Costume round. People went crazy. He also revolutionized the use of inflated condoms with water inserted in his bra, to make his bust visually bigger and bouncier.


He chose to represent the Seychelles to corresponds with his drag name, Sishi Shelby.

Angeles music video was taken in TROAN BEACH Resort in Lian, Batangas. Perfect for a tropical concept. He was asked to dance from the tune of, Sweet Freedom, by Safri Duo, featuring, Michael McDonald. The production crew waited for the sunset to capture  the perfect opening spiel scene, where, Angeles shouted, “Who will be Fahrenheit’s, next queen of the universe?”.

2004 was the year when the club started recruiting outsiders to compete, to garner bigger audience and mileage.

Angeles has been traveling around the world from Greece to Turkey and resided in Dubai for quite sometime.

2003 - Al Balan

Balan first joined Mr. Fahrenheit 2003 and made it to the semi-finals. He bagged the congeniality award. However , it was Louie Gonzalez won that pageant.

After the success of Mr. Fahrenheit, the clubs owner, Wilbert Tolentino decided to come up of a Miss Universe inspired pageant, for the members to participate. Therefore, the creation of Miss F Universe.

It started as an experiment that hurdled its way to many challenges. Convincing closeted members of the club to crossdress and to compete with live audience was a thing of a taboo back then.

However, the club managed to signed in 20 members, and Balan was one of them.

It was an easy streak for Balan. With his slender body, wit and charm; He became the first Miss F Universe of 2003.

Balan’s music video was very basic and had few exposures of him. Due to the fact, the club had to prioritize the 2004’s candidates. From the track, entitled, Victory by Bond, was used as its scoring.

Balan performed, Gloria Estefan’s “The Rhythm Is Gonna Get You”. As 2004’s Miss F, opening number.

Few years ago, Balan decided to transform himself into a transgendered woman. Coming from a Muslim family, it wasn’t’ easy for him.

He changed his name from Al, to Hidee, and happily married with an American spouse. Living in Georgia, USA.

Balans country of representation was – Puerto Rico.